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New Brighton''s senior helmsman Dave Lowe, who was in charge of the lifeboat, said: "The girls were in the water, clinging desperately to the rocks of the breakwater and in a very distressed state.
McCoist and Kean said the breakwater was to prevent tidal damage and erosion to the shore and nearby road.
Large salt related 4 way dip closure: The Breakwater prospect is a large, 4 way dip structure with an Early Permian Keyling sandstone reservoir objective.
THE owners of the longest breakwater in the United Kingdom have decided to close off vehicle access due to safety concerns.
In each set of steel pipes, the larger-diameter "lower pipe" set into the sea bottom houses a smaller-diameter "upper pipe" that emerges from the lower pipe and rises to the surface to function as a breakwater in the event of a tsunami or other emergency.
In this study, taking the dynamic Biot's equation as the governing equation, a finite element (FEM) program PORO-WSSI 2D is developed to investigate the consolidation of unsaturated porous seabed under a composite breakwater and hydrostatic water pressure.
Having tested the breakwater since February, the companies were initially planning to begin taking orders from fiscal 2012, but have since decided to continue experimenting until March 2013 to check its durability, they said.
Yesterday Richard Martin, RNLI press officer at Newbiggin, said the risks involved meant that no-one should go onto the 200 metre-long breakwater, which was built in the bay four years ago as part of a pounds 10m maritime engineering project.
01) apiece, valuing Breakwater Resources at CAD 619 million.
The Breakwater House, translated by Lazer Lederhendler, is about another kind of loss and grief.
Station spokesman, Richard Martin, said: "Fishermen regularly go on to that breakwater and sometimes fail to take notice of the tide coming in and are cut off.
The Breakwater Beacon was unveiled during the inauguration of KAUST as part of the two-day celebration.