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Roach and small bream gave Phil Thomas, from Cross Keys, 5lb 5oz and first place in the second Pontymister AC match of the year on the local stretch of canal.
However, Stainton's inform Andy Rowe's perseverance on the feeder paid off, as he landed a bream from peg 21 in the dying minutes which, together with two small skimmers caught much earlier in the match, turned the scales to 4lb-1oz, pushing Mike into second place.
Bream cannot resist this little scented worm slowly falling through their territory.
The prizes Bream captured reveal coastal trade patterns, whereby high-bulk, low- value cargoes, such as timber or plaster or cordwood, were carried westward to commercial centres such as Boston, while foodstuffs and West India goods, such as rum and molasses, headed east.
Carp angler David Stanley recently landed what is sure to be the biggest bream anywhere in our region when he slipped the net under a huge 15lb 4oz specimen, a new record for the fishery, and for good measure added another `slab' of 12lb 11oz.
Francis Gugen, who left AWG after plans to demerge the water services division fell through 18 months ago, was among those involved in the Bream bid.
Pursuing Julian's career cost the elder Bream dearly.
With the same pegs in for Monday's open it was worth a bet that bream would show again.
Feeder fishing was the winning method in the Newport AA match at Woodstock pond where Nick Jones, from Pontypool, did it best to win with 33lb 14oz of bream and carp.
Pegged on 188 towards the golf course end of the match length, he caught three bream and a few roach to win the Frank Flynn Memorial with 11lb 11oz.
But most anglers have never seen some of them, particularly rays bream.
Then on the 45-minute mark I had a liner, and after this I managed to pick up quality bream up for the next three hours.