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59 percent of respondents sleep next to a mouth breather and 47 percent believe it impacts their ability to get a good night's sleep.
In the interests of delivering the highest standards of Toyota product quality and customer care, we have begun contacting our customers directly to book an appointment to replace the fuel breather tube with a new and modified component," the statement added.
If we're honest, there are a few who could do with that breather, especially mentally.
If a breather valve is plugged, seals blow, gear oil leaks out, and gears go, too.
Breather cores must be inspected for missing or defective breather tabs or legs that viii cause blockages within the finished casting, which result in massive aluminum scrap costs and quality-related defect costs for the end user.
Asked by a steward how often he gave a horse a breather for seven or eight strides inside the final furlong, Fallon said: "I never usually give horses a breather inside the final furlong, but this is a different horse.
The only time he gets to step out for a breather is when the Knights' kicking teams, are on the field.
That means he will be able to provide valuable cover for first-choice No9 Drew if the new Giants' Player of the Year needs to take a mid-match breather.
The breather caps are designed to help keep tanks, reservoirs, and systems clean.
A bucket of dinosaurs has trouble getting along in such close quarters, and Harry gets into trouble when he decides to let them loose for a breather.
While some of the bulk grades are taking a bit of a breather with mildly softer pricing, several conditions point to a healthier market for the paperboard industry overall.