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He calmly took control and got Dave breathing again before paramedics arrived.
Only when the page is finally turned do they collectively exhale and start breathing again.
The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
PC Lewis gave artificial resuscitation and managed to get Shaye breathing again.
When ECO Curinga arrived to assist, the woman lost her pulse and ceased breathing again.
The frog soon began breathing again but hit frost-bitten toes and feet are still struggling to function
We were surprised to see that breathing completely stopped when the rats entered REM sleep [the deepest sleep phase], forcing the rats to wake up in order to start breathing again," says study coauthor Leanne McKay, also of the University of California, Los Angeles.
But frantic resuscitation efforts by ambulance staff got George breathing again and he was rushed to a nearby intensive care unit.
That breath no doubt felt very odd to brand new lungs, so you may have cried out and stopped breathing again.
The fire dispatcher reflected on his joy during the 911 call when he heard Cheyenne let out a loud cry in the background, signaling she was breathing again.
There is also a blunt constraint to reckon with: a building economy only tentatively breathing again after a sustained recession, and some argue, rising residential construction costs.
A range of resuscitation measures are taken to get them breathing again.