breathing time

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The new suits would give officers extra breathing time in the event of any attack.
The president has said the country's tropical forests should be given enough breathing time as the impact will be disastrous if forests are seen only as foreign exchange earner.
The Head 10 gives wearers an extra ten minutes breathing time to escape from a toxic chemical environment.
Our call center was already highly optimized, so we were concerned that we would not find any extra time or that agents would feel as if they never had any breathing time in between calls," said Allison Garretson, vice president of operations at Permanent General Companies.
25/min) Taurus April 21 - May 21 THERE'S no breathing time today.
Firstly, stop the bleeding in the real estate market, place emergency funds to stop this, then pump some liquidity and thirdly, allow flexiblility in payment across the value chain to give the real estate community some breathing time," Ramadan said.
Try it with a roast chicken on Sunday and open it an hour or so before serving to give it some breathing time.
The forestry ministry said it will give a breathing time for the country's forests to revitalize themselves by stamping out illegal logging and preventing fires.
State Department's USINFO news service, Bernhard added that any success in improving the Palestinian economy "could help give breathing time for other people to try to negotiate a peaceful settlement" to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
A chunky and full-bodied wine with lots of plum and cassis flavours, it's a hearty wine which would need some breathing time.
The new advanced Air Mobility Pack will allow the worker to double their safe breathing time while operating in an impermeable suit in Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) conditions.
They need to be sorted out and there's breathing time to do it.