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Breathlessness on exertion and also at night when you lie down, a feeling of heaviness in the centre of your chest on exertion, a family history of heart disease.
Dr Patel said of the GP's diagnosis: "Asthma is probably 500 times more common as a cause of breathlessness in young people than heart failure.
A sense of breathlessness or not getting enough air--over breathing to compensate for the feeling only serves to worsen the symptoms.
Casaburi surveyed previous studies on pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD, and found that supervised exercise therapy improves aerobic function of the muscles, which helps reduce the breathlessness that is common in COPD.
Despite chemotherapy, Mr Rose suffered from increasing pain, breathlessness, anxiety, panic attacks, and debility until he died on December 10, 2006.
Early symptoms include a smoker's cough, persistent production of phlegm, breathlessness on mild exertion and frequent coughs and colds.
Exercise training is known to reduce symptoms, such as breathlessness and fatigue in patients with chronic heart failure but it "is not widely utilized, perhaps because data on its effect on survival are limited," the researchers noted (BMJ 328[7433]:189-92, 2004).
Mr Evans,of Hen Gwrt Uchaf farm,Rhydymain, told the inquest his father's health had been improving after suffering from a previous bout of illness and breathlessness.
Delegates at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association conference at the ICC were told breathlessness, exercise intolerance and the loss of use of hind legs due to thrombosis were signs of heart disease.
They reported significantly worse CHF symptoms including inactivity, chest pain, fatigue, and breathlessness.
A cough caused by a cold will never cause breathlessness on its own although it can aggravate an underlying problem such as asthma.