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Barnes, "wants to impose a breathtakingly conservative agenda in his second term.
Some ideas put forth by the Religious Right and its allies in Congress are so breathtakingly wrong-beaded that it is difficult to know where to begin criticizing them.
One of the moat celebrated Pnotographers in Bermuda has captured the essence of each element in Bermuda and made it breathtakingly colorful and full of light and texture.
history where companies produced breathtakingly unintelligent products and the public somehow faded to show interest.
Lit from above, the 11m high pine-clad space is breathtakingly warm, spacious and peaceful.
Suharto is suspected of conducting a breathtakingly large scheme of graft and corruption by which he enriched himself and his family by billions of dollars.
Among them is the simple fact that the marketing of such a genetically altered product represents nothing more than a scientific experiment on a breathtakingly grand scale.
In what would be a breathtakingly bold move against its upstart rival Amazon.
In fact, few who emerge from the mine describe the effect of these carvings as anything less than awesome and breathtakingly beautiful.
In this Steams is, by sums, breathtakingly ambitious, dazzlingly insightful, and invites rebuff.
Born into a technological, urban society, we take industrial culture for granted; for contemporaries, it was breathtakingly novel and disorienting.
Fortunately, the concept of a unified business approach is breathtakingly simple: Top management needs to decide which customers the business should serve and what products it should make - and they must mean it.