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In the course of a couple hours we reached a fine breezy altitude where the little shepherd huts had big stones all over their roofs to hold them down to the earth when the great storms rage.
After a pause he went on, quietly: "The late Lord Bulmer was a very breezy gentleman, extremely breezy.
While he was deep in his musings, Becky woke up with a breezy little laugh -- but it was stricken dead upon her lips, and a groan followed it.
Whether is it better, I ask, to be a slave in a fool's paradise at Marseilles--fevered with delusive bliss one hour- -suffocating with the bitterest tears of remorse and shame the next- -or to be a village-schoolmistress, free and honest, in a breezy mountain nook in the healthy heart of England?
THE going at Ascot was changed to good to soft yesterday morning but a breezy and dry day left clerk of the course Chris Stickels predicting the straight course would revert to good going for the start of racing today, writes Tom Kerr.
Even though I was playing bad, I knew I could always come back if I get the ball in the fairway,'' said Wie, who managed that just one time on a breezy day along the shores of Oahu.
Paulsen, the author of Hatchet and many other notable books for YAs, manages to both entertain and reassure in this short and breezy tale.
Windsor is expected to be quite breezy and see a maximum temperature of around 10C (50F) today, with bright spells in the morning fading towards lunchtime.
In "Blue Danube," which appropriately greeted the audience after they'd heard of Duncan's youthful triumph in Budapest, Belilove captured the Strauss waltz's breezy levity.
This is not a surprise to actress Breezy Dawn, 23, who was leading lady Kate Beckinsale's body-double in the film.
While many of his essays are so short, they're something of a tease, Campbell remains a delightful writer and his breezy prose a joy to read.