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noun authorization, charge, charter, declaration, decree, edict, fiat, grant, law, license, mandate, manifesto, ordinance, ordination, placet, precept, prescription, rule, sanction, warrant, writ
See also: warrant

BREVET. In France, a brevet is a warrant granted by the government to authorize an individual to do something for his own benefit, as a brevet d'invention, is a patent to secure a man a right as inventor.
     2. In our army, it signifies a commission conferring on an officer a degree of rank immediately above the one which he holds in his particular regiment, without, however conveying a right to receive a corresponding pay.

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Tout litige portant sur la validite ou la contrefacon d'un brevet debute par l'interpretation des revendications.
Bien entendu que cela profite aux laboratoires qui fabriquent les medicaments generiques, alors que la situation est delicate pour ceux qui cedent leurs brevets.
He was promoted to captain in May 1864 and received a brevet to major in March 1865 for gallantry and meritorious service at Gettysburg.
Le brevet est le mecanisme le plus utilise a la fois pour proteger tant les connaissances mises en commun ou detenues par les partenaires au moment de la creation de l'alliance, que celles creees au cours du processus collaboratif (Hertzfeld, Link et Vonortas, 2006).
13) However, upon reaching Isandlwana with the 2d Column on the morning of the 22d, Brevet Colonel Durnford sent some of his troops to perform a reconnaissance; one of the troops (Lieutenant Charles Raw) stumbled upon the sleeping Zulu camp while pursuing a small group of Zulu cattle herders.
He went on to serve as aide-de-camp for the Governor of Kenya before joining the army - reaching the rank of brevet colonel in the Northumberland Hussars.
Two stalwarts of Wrexham Gymnastics club, coach Paul Edwards and Janet Davies, have qualified as Federation of International Gymnastics brevet judges, meaning they are eligible to adjudicate at international gymnastic events.
The adventure was true: it was the story of Victor Vifquain, a young Frenchman who eventually attained the rank of brevet brigadier general in the Army of the Tennessee and was decorated for his bravery in battle.
Dr John Elgy, from Aston University, has earned his International Judging Brevet, qualifying him to judge any world class gymnastic event, including the Olympic Games and World Championships.
One of the most significant markers missing is a 15-foot high marble kiosk said to have graced the burial site of Brevet Maj.
Other Kray possessions up for auction include Ronnie's Brevet revolver as well as his death and marriage certificates.

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