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Today, based on a recipe from Pabst's 1937 brewers log, Old Tankard is brewed using an authentic ale yeast, with an alcohol content of 5.
Freshly brewed tea retains its anti-oxidants whether hot or cold, caffeinated or decaffeinated, says Les Mitscher, who also has investigated tea's anti-oxidant levels.
Wolaver's ales are actually brewed at Mendocino Brewery in Ukiah, California, Goose Island in Chicago and Otter Creek in Middlebury, Vermont.
Rob Urgert and his colleagues at the Agricultural University in Wageningen, the Netherlands, collected samples of brewed coffee from restaurants and households in Europe and North Africa.
The company's flagship brand, Samuel Adams Boston Lager([R]), is brewed using the same recipe and processes that Jim Koch's great-great grandfather used in the mid-1800s.
They tested recipes, brewed test batches, and then multiplied the 5-gallon entries for 300-gallon batches.
Henry Weinhard's Organic Amber Premium Ale is a smooth, full-bodied ale brewed with two-row malt and Mt.
can now boast that its Tremont Ale is the only beer brewed and bottled in Boston.
Their focus is to celebrate the quality and diversity of beer brewed in America.
This patent protects the Company's revolutionary brewing process which allows the Company to efficiently continue the national expansion of its restaurant concept by removing the traditional investment requirements and operational complexities associated with serving fresh beer brewed on premise.
The sales people will have their work cut out for them to compete with the likes of well-known craft beers like Sam Adams and Pete's Wicked, as well as local competitors including Old Dominion, a brand brewed across the Virginia bank of the Potomac River.
is introducing Coors Artic Ice -- the first domestic ice beer brewed using the proprietary (patent-pending) ice brewing technology licensed from Labatt Breweries of Canada.