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Once a month, the restaurant holds a beer appreciation dinner - a five-course meal matched with the pub's brew and imported beers.
To keep the brew at optimum temperature, the designers used a narrower glass base to reduce the impact of heat from the drinker's hand.
With his bock hitting the shelves, Kacani figures some entrepreneur opening a brew pub or a craft brewery that sells at the retail level could use his talents.
The new brew will be available this month in Idaho, Oregon and Washington where Henry Weinhard's products are sold at retail in 6-packs of non-returnable 12 oz.
Partner brewing is a process that allows craft breweries to brew their beer to exact specifications under the supervision of their own brewmaster, and to package and distribute from Brew Hub.
Yet with 5 million barrels of beer sold last year, specialty brewers - including regional brewers, microbrewers and brew pubs - captured only 2.
The entrepreneurs considered opening a brew pub to serve their beers but saw limited opportunity in Maryland.
Coors also states that consumers are misled by the advertising because Anheuser-Busch is questioning the same basic brewing process which it uses to brew its own products, including Budweiser, Bud Light and Natural Light.
The Beer Lover's Choice Winning Brew Will Be Available Nationwide in January 2007
The brewing equipment has four tanks, each capable of holding 310 gallons, for each of the house brews.
MBAs (both Masters of Business and Beer Administration), self-proclaimed beer snobs, certified beer judges, beer journalists and hundreds who have traveled the globe in search of the world's best brews have all applied for the position.
The message: They aren't any better or fresher than the big brews.