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These bribers need to be arrested, and since the justice department obviously isn't going to do it, then it becomes the citizens' responsibility.
He added that it is not enough for those who are offered bribes to merely reject the offer because doing so would only lead bribers to opt for another employee.
According to the reports, German investigators conducted wiretaps of telephone conversations between alleged bribers, which found evidence that Poleksic, had been approached.
According to the information I received, some people have not even been interrogated, while the investigations were conducted with those who received bribery and not the actual bribers.
62) Yet there is no guarantee that "the manipulators and opportunists and bribers, so prominent in the past, will not still find fertile ground.
One house can pass lousy bills as favors to contributors--or bribers without feeling responsible, since those bills can be given a quiet burial in the other chamber.
Why was the investigative phase of the public corruption case of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich terminated before possible bribers were identified?
parochially protecting (190) their own major MNC bribers, note that a
Interestingly, one commentator in the Bulgarian language media has argued that the dramatic nature of the arrest has served as a diversion from the serious nature of the crime allegedly committed by the former minister; however, that is strange logic, given that the former minister--we must call him that and not, as the prosecutor did, "absolute criminal" is entitled to be considered not guilty until proven otherwise; and most of all, everyone concerned would do well to remember that manipulation of an arrest to serve anything other than the ends of justice is a grave matter indeed, and ultimately does no good to the cause of bringing down the bribers and the bribed in a way more permanent than a temporary sojourn on their knees.
In short, it is the SFO's case that the company therefore employed known bribers as agents for commercial gain from the outset.