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Out fishing over the rock channel off New Brighton on Saturday, Brigand again gave anglers a fantastic day's sport, seeing thornback rays, Tub gurnard, flounder, cod, whiting, pouting, dab, dogfish and a baby tope taken.
With reports this week of 197 fish from Brigands along with Discovery's successful trip, it only backs up the excellent sport to be had on the Mersey by using our Marina's charter boats.
This week it was the Phoenix Sea Angling Club who took to the waves on board the Brigand to enjoy another great trip out of the Liverpool Marina on this adventurous and experienced charter boat.
That was the case for 29 year old Nicola Kent from Litherland who joined the Brigand Charter for a trip out into the depths of the river Mersey this week.
He fought in Greece for the legendary brigand, Odysseus Androutses, under whose command he fortified a mountain cave in Parnassus "on its northern slopes, in the great gash which cuts into the mountainside beneath the cloud-covered peaks eight thousand feet away".
On the high seas, Brigand Charter has again reported some fantastic fishing throughout their five-day trip.
All from Merseyside, Ian Warr, Reg Lewis, Colin George, Steve Davis, Ivan Maher and Liverpool Charter boat Brigand skipper Kev McKie enjoyed everything about the trip.
How well we recall Neil Kinnock roundly condemning the House of Lords as ``a place for the descendants of brigand, muggers, bribers and gangsters'', and calling vociferously for that institution to be abolished.
Travelling out to the rough ground in Liverpool Bay on Tuesday, Brigand anglers were greeted to a large pod of dolphins as they escorted them out of the bay.
of by Karl Brigand Novice Ryan Dewhurst took up angling last October and confidently fished his first open match last week taking on 32 other experienced anglers on Moss Lake.
Thus the panther Bagheera is Amanda Gordon slinking about in a black coat, Mark Brigand dons a hairy outfit and sports a hat with two bobbles to play a cosy Baloo the Bear and Charlie Folorunsho has a big hat and a long coat as the villain, Shere Khan the tiger.
Brigand Charters skipper Kevin McKie reported that Karl O'Neil (46 from Liverpool) took an 11lb 8oz cod in the Mersey while up tiding on board Brigand.