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Every night, the moment the young ladies have retired to rest, does Miss Twinkleton smarten up her curls a little, brighten up her eyes a little, and become a sprightlier Miss Twinkleton than the young ladies have ever seen.
Shaw did not care much about it; but soon he missed her if she did not come, and found that something fresh and pleasant seemed to brighten all his day, if a small, gray-coated figure, with an intelligent face, a merry voice, and a little hand slipped confidingly into his, went with him through the wintry park.
And later, when the story of Christ had come to soften men's hearts and brighten men's lives, the stories told of faith and purity and gentleness.
She continued, "Equitance provides a simple regimen which brightens the skin with non-irritating ingredients such as linoleic acid.
It instantly brightens the skin with a wash of skin tone corrector colour, while the soft texture perfectly sets makeup.
According to the company, Citrolumine 8 is a safe, plant-derived cosmetic active which brightens skin lone, fades age spots and increases overall skin luminosity.
I've found the perfect primer that brightens and perfects lids - The Hylaronic Eye Primer By Terry, pounds 30 from Space nk Stores or www.
This advanced eye cream brightens as it moisturizes, leaving skin looking more even and less dull.
DELIVERY Driver Linda Horan, 27, brightens up her outfit with fuzzy purple gloves.
6 per cent natural ingredients reduces the appearance of dark spots, brightens the complexion and invigorates the skin, protecting it against free radicals.
Summary: Solar energy brightens up the lives of the villagers in a nondescript village in Uttar Pradesh state.
You can look at the Superlambanana and it brightens everything up.