bring around

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the project could bring around 1,000 additional jobs for residents of the area.
We expect these two vessels to bring around 50,000 tourists to our town this year," Tugay told AA correspondent.
It's estimated the Ryder Cup will bring around PS100million into the Scottish economy.
Putting the two groups together would bring around 38 per cent of fixtures under one roof.
The results indicated the speakers' abilities to stimulate the audience and involve them in planning for a bright future for ADHD patients," said Al-Yamani, stressing her confidence that by the end of the program, results would bring around a new generation of leaders in health care.
stated that the new dealership would bring around 30 new jobs in town.
The business is moving towards a franchise operation and Mr Simpson said it was hoped to set up franchises in such areas as Yarm, Stokesley, Darlington, Scarborough, central Newcastle and Sunderland which are expected to bring around a total of 90 new jobs.
A TOP regeneration conference will boost Liverpool's image with city planners and bring around pounds 250,000 into the local economy.
The second phase of Kingmaker Court at Warwick Technology Park is expected to bring around 350 jobs to the area.
COUNCIL backing of a pounds 25 million regeneration scheme could bring around 1,300 new jobs to one of Newcastle's most depressed areas.
PowerGen finance director Mr Peter Hickson said changes to the contract terms would bring around 60 per cent of the group's gas contracts "significantly closer to current market prices.
The conferences, which are expected to bring around pounds 500,000 into the region, were secured by the Newcastle- Gateshead Initiative.