bring charges

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Summary: The IPCC has asked prosecutors to consider whether to bring charges over the shooting of a man by police marksmen.
Cannan's denial followed a news conference on Tuesday at which Scotland Yard Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bill Griffiths said he had been interviewed twice in connection with the case, but that the Crown Prosecution Service had advised there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.
Then they go down into the fellowship hall beneath the main sanctuary of the church and bring charges against a bishop.
THE Garda watchdog has sent more than 30 files to the Director of Public Prosecutions in a bid to bring charges against a number of officers.
Earlier this month the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to bring charges against the five, and the inquiry is due to recommence on September 18.
Michael Frawley, chief deputy of special operations in the District Attorney's Office, concluded that ``no legal grounds exist to bring charges against Mr.
Gary Garland, IPCC Commissioner for the North East, said: "The CPS will now decide whether it is appropriate to bring charges.
Prosecutors and police defended their handling of the investigation and their decision to bring charges against the boys.
The Crown Prosecution Service said there was "insufficient evidence" to bring charges.
Among the issues that prosecutors will have to consider in determining whether to bring charges is whether the fetus could have been delivered alive.
But lawyer Rogerio Alves said: "If there is no decision to bring charges or drop the case by April 14, suspects can consult the file.
In June prosecutors declined to bring charges against Baltimore and returned the same case to detectives at the West Valley Division for more investigation.