bring down

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The men were fighting on foot with long-swords, while an occasional shot from a sharpshooter on the outskirts of the conflict would bring down a warrior who might for an instant separate himself from the entangled mass.
Suppose a marriage, and the husband has ONLY $1,000 for his pocket, this would bring down the ways and means to $2,000 per annum; or less than a hundredth part of the expense of keeping ONE pocket-handkerchief; and when you come to include rent, fuel, marketing, and other necessaries, you see, my dear Miss Monson, there is a great deal of poetry in paying so much for a pocket-handkerchief.
These said that the choir would keep up their lacerating attempts at melody until they would bring down a storm some day that would sink the ship.
But Mary secretly rejoiced that the youngest of the three was very much what her father must have been when he wore a round jacket, and showed a marvellous nicety of aim in playing at marbles, or in throwing stones to bring down the mellow pears.
I roamed disconsolately up and down the bank, keeping as close to him in his involuntary travels as I could, while he wailed and cried till it was a wonder that he did not bring down upon us every hunting animal within a mile.
If you cannot bring down the Government, bring down the fence", this is a new political saying concluded on the last press conference of the social democrats held in front of the Government building, comments Dimitar Grumar in Dnevnik.
The Yemeni forces managed to bring down the Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a safe and sound manner, al-Masyra TV reported.
Wiley goes on to say that the reason many manufacturers have 15-round clips in their 9mm pistols is because it takes that many rounds to bring down an intruder, but with .
It is not long before his pursuit leads him to cross paths with FBI agent Brian O'Conner, and despite their hostile feelings toward each other, the pair work together to bring down those responsible.
LAHORE -- Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Wednesday welcomed another cut in petroleum prices, citing that it would help bring down cost of doing business in Pakistan.
BIRMINGHAM Airport is "highly likely" to be targeted by terrorists using drones to bring down aircraft, an expert has claimed.
Global Banking News-December 9, 2014--Ukrainian central bank aiming to bring down inflation