bring forth

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Indeed, they were expected to do so, for in 1394 we find the Mayor of York ordering the craftsmen "to bring forth their pageants in order and course by good players, well arrayed and openly speaking, upon pain of losing of 100 shillings, to be paid to the chamber without any pardon.
Wait and see what the chances of the next eight-and-forty hours might bring forth, and then write to her, or desert her, as the event might decide.
he began, to which Churchill commented, "The honorable member conceived thrice but did not bring forth anything.
Replying to a question, the PML-N information secretary said that no player had that much of abnormal wealth, and stressed that transparent and independent investigations of NAB should disclose the source of this abnormal wealth and bring forth the facts to masses.
We had brought forth certain amendments to the earlier Act in the Belgaum session of the legislature and thereafter withdrew it only to bring forth a more comprehensive legislation," Acharya said.
There is more: Juan had a message for the Franciscan friars from the Mother of God: "Tell the monks that in this place (the forest) they shall find an image of me-through which I will bring forth my mercy and blessings.
Many Mexican restaurants bring forth complimentary salsas and chips to dinner patrons, especially if they order drinks.
The University of Toronto Innovation Foundation calls for a greater investment in people, knowledge and opportunity to bring forth a stronger position in the global competitive market for Canadian researchers.
In addition to isolation, weightlessness emerges as a dominant feature of Lichtenstein's vision of twenty-first-century spirituality-cum-self-improvement, as, for example, in the apparently gravity-defying pose of a woman clad in a velour top and fishnet stockings, whose upended legs are hooked into the stirrups of a pilates machine located just out of the frame in If you bring forth .
Different poems bring forth different rhythm patterns, underscoring the changeable elements in both nature and human interactions.
Enhanced with a special section covering "Emergency Situations", a glossary, a resources section, and a "user friendly" index, Your Baby's First Year is especially recommended for first time parents for whom every week will bring forth new revelations in their baby's first year of physical and mental development.
Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.