bring into existence

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When inventing runs in the blood as strongly as it does in Ferreras's, it is difficult to stop coming up with ideas; the hard part is choosing just a few at a time to bring into existence.
David and Patricia decided in early 2014 to reconvene and travel down to the Cardiff studios of legendary contemporaries Llwybr Llaethog (John Griffiths and Kevs Ford) to set up a one-day recording session that would bring into existence the songs that would constitute Erbyn Hyn.
The steles were inscribed: as my father the Aten liveth, I will make Akhet-Aten for him, mountains, meadows, islands, villages, men, beasts and all things which Aten, my father, shall bring into existence eternally forever.
As the port is not seeing much exploitation as of current, we have decided to bring into existence a strategy that will see future benefits to the country s economic status, SLPA Chairman Dr.
Recently, a full bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court has held that membership fee paid to a club does not bring into existence an asset or advantage of an enduring nature.
Recommending the establishment of Press Council in 1956, the first Press Commission had concluded that the best way of maintaining professional ethics in journalism would be to bring into existence a body with statutory authority, of people principally connected with industry whose duty it would be to arbitrate.
The scientific-religious conflict ultimately is a conflict between allegiance to this method and allegiance to even an irreducible minimum of belief so fixed in advance that it can never be modified" Years later, at the age of ninety, he wrote that contemporary philosophers must encourage and further methods of inquiry into human and moral subjects just as their predecessors had done so in the physical and physiological sciences--"in short, to bring into existence a kind of knowledge which, by being thoroughly humane, is entitled to the name moral.
Just weeks after Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt, mindful of the successes British Commandos had enjoyed, tasked his commanders to bring into existence a similar force of elite, highly mobile, and skilled infantry who could hit the enemy without notice, gather intelligence, and operate independently for extended periods of time.
I said I think it's possible that the Lord himself knew that he was going to bring into existence a man who would eloquently and unapologetically and consistently speak up for those who could not speak for themselves.
The verb create occurs in Scripture with God as the subject, and it means to bring into existence what was not there before.
Chapter 2 argues that Margaret Beaufort helped bring into existence the idea that reading, translating, owning books, and supporting the production of books "were spiritually and intellectually edifying actions" (112).