bring shame upon

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We will not allow similar incidents, which bring shame upon us all, to happen again," he was quoted as saying by Greek Cypriot daily Cyprus Mail to the state broadcaster CyBC.
We will not allow similar incidents, that bring shame upon us all, to happen again," he told state broadcaster CyBC.
But Duncan Fletcher ultimately paid the price for a 5-0 whitewash in Australia in 2006-7, and the traditional response from officers who bring shame upon the regiment is to reach for the revolver in the bottom drawer.
It falls upon ordinary, genuine supporters to report those who bring shame upon our sport and their teams.
He had a fear that he was about to fall a very long way down into an abyss that would bring shame upon his family.
They have been outside today and taken photos and I understand they will be used as an update for BBC Rogue Traders which will bring shame upon him.
giving the city a 'great' name" lasts for 90 seconds and is the latest to bring shame upon the Treaty City.
Do not bring shame upon yourself or your chosen profession.
She wants something more than what Unity offers but feels helpless to change her future because rebelling would bring shame upon her family.
The Issei were strict and often burdened their offspring with the message that they must do their best and not bring shame upon their families or the Japanese "race.
Being "nice" translated into "nonconfrontational," "be a good girl" or "behave yourself" so as to not bring shame upon the family.
These actions bring shame upon the club, the great majority of the loyal and respectable fans and, regretfully, the City of Newcastle.

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