bring to conclusion

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WASHINGTON (PAN): Hopeful that the much-awaited Loya Jirga would bring to conclusion negotiations on the bilateral security agreement (BSA), a senior US official on Thursday ruled out complete withdrawal from the country post 2014.
And also, how come the military and the intelligence apparatus - both paid for through their noses by the people - were unprepared by the American incursion into Pakistan to eliminate Bin Laden and to, thus, bring to conclusion mankind's most expensive ($5tn
Yet, remarkably, Bush is asking for more money to carry out wars that he is unable to bring to conclusion.
The Company is also continuing to work with its secondary director and officer insurance providers, to bring to conclusion its negotiations with them.
We are pleased to be able to enter into these agreements and bring to conclusion these legal proceedings," said Pamela H.
This amended Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement and Wakefern plan of reorganization will allow us to bring to conclusion the sale of Big V," stated Thomas Infusino, Chairman of Wakefern Food Corp.
Golden of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, the attorney representing the Official Bondholders Committee, in commenting on today's filing, stated, "The filing of the Consensual Plan which has the Debtors, KKR and the existing Creditor Proponents as co-proponents is a watershed event in this case and will bring to conclusion this five-year- old bankruptcy case.
Hank Sulikowski and his team have done a great job on this transaction and are extremely busy with a large volume of other transactions that we are working to bring to conclusion," added Mr.
The Company has previously announced acceleration of its research and development activities that were necessary to bring to conclusion a strategic partnership for its proprietary liquid automotive airbag inflator.