bring to mind

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Because the feasts of All Souls and All Saints bring to mind the dearly departed, this from poet-undertaker Thomas Lynch's award-winning book, The Undertaking:
Honore in Paris, among other famous streets, immediately bring to mind high-end retail, Madison Avenue brings to mind designer clothiers and expensive accessories.
Parmiggiani sculpted the statues, which bring to mind the many historical figures that populate Dante's "Inferno.
HISTORIC paddlewheelers bring to mind images of high-stakes gamblers and the stories of Mark Twain.
His staging of photoops at black churches and his fawning over black homicide victims' families to sell his draconian crime bill bring to mind J.
These lesser-known works (and others in a separate show of prints at Crown Point Press that complemented the retrospective) often bring to mind Ed Ruscha's classic photo books and Gerhard Richter's realist paintings: Each artist adds rich ambivalence to visions of middle-class banality.
His openhearted performance--so self-dramatizing, so self-aware, so funny when it isn't moving--can't help but bring to mind another drama queen, Judy Garland.
This book's effusive flow of words, screen-based imagery and breathless enthusiasm for the new bring to mind the extraordinary translations of von Erlach and Guarini, or more recent achievements of Mendelsohn, Le Corbusier and Eero Saarinen