bring to the fore

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College Dublin, Ireland) and Christiansen (European Institute of Public Administration, the Netherlands) present eight papers in which various approaches and different perspectives are applied to the analysis of European foreign policy but sharing a desire to bring to the fore assumptions of underlying dynamics and subtleties that may go unstated in most discussions of the topic.
Silver members target their energies at a single market segment and bring to the fore their individual technology and business requirements in the definition and development of open standards and their consequent test suites and branding programs.
which seek to bring to the fore materials written by black women.
The very demanding video and broadcasting applications are of special importance to us as they bring to the fore the absolute performance advantages of asymmetric storage virtualization.
Launched with the campaign banner ``Connect with Culture'', the programme is jointly funded by the Arts Council and the Millennium CommissionThe year-long eclectic mix of events will bring to the fore the diverse range of arts and multi-ethnic cultures that exist in the region.
These situations bring to the fore the people who have got the bottle, the stomach for the battle and it's in these situations that everyone finds out about themselves.
ONE thing the petrol shortage did bring to the fore this week was how a petrol station is no longer a petrol station.
Less well known are his installations and text works, which bring to the fore the tacit "fictions" (the title of a 1997 photo series) behind his pictures.
It will also bring to the fore Railway's monetary position and former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav's claim of a turn around in the public sector unit.
THESE SITUATIONS ARE DIFFICULT ENOUGH They quickly bring to the fore our own biases and prejudices.
However, the recent volatility did bring to the fore the long-term issue of how to best finance the growing capital needs of airports in the face of airline industry cyclicality.
The readings bring to the fore such literary/cinematic productions' capacity to diffuse volatile affect.