bring to the fore

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I am positive about the future prospects of Plaid Cymru and will always bring to the fore the concerns and problems that people face in this constituency.
He stated that we should also bring to the fore the concept of 'Pakistaniat'.
Such acts of terrorism bring to the fore one again the need of concerted efforts, regionally and internationally, to rout the menace of black terrorism," he stressed.
Having managed a series of evaluations for the Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme, the editor conceived this book as a way to bring to the fore the complexities of environment management and evaluation in the context of developing nations.
The objective of this Rally is to highlight the importance of the Olympic Movement in Pakistan and to bring to the fore, the significance of sports in our lives.
Muhammad Qaiser, pointed out that fast developing research on protein can bring to the fore a flurry of new information in the realms of health and medicine.
She added that the conference had helped bring to the fore what women in the Arab World are achieving in business and other areas.
Famous in their day, of course, but pretty much sidelined these days, Stevenson and London both created bodies of work about the South Pacific that bring to the fore the tumultuous themes of colonialism.
is to rejoice the glamorous side of society and to bring to the fore the local rich and famous.
Condensed from the noted scripter's own novel, the pic needs further distillation to eliminate superfluous characters and bring to the fore the meat of the story, which gets lost amid nostalgic period detail.
The conference aimed to promote political reflection in order to bring to the fore new economic and social models in Europe by 2020.
The ADIB brand identity, an evolution from the previous one, aims to bring to the fore its core values.