bring together

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The two main reasons that companies turn to business schools for help in global training, he notes, are because they want to highlight a global dimension or strategy or they want to bring together a "critical mass" of managers in various European and Asian locales.
A need to unify these resources has driven the deployment of enterprise portals, which bring together applications and information into a single view and deliver them seamlessly to users.
Now there's a third component in ACPE's online community: Regional Forums that bring together members who live in the same geographic areas.
The acquisitions are seen as part of the SimEx's efforts to become the dominant force in the industry and bring together the three biggest companies making three-dimensional theaters and rides.
The Centre aims to bring together scientific knowledge, existing technology and future developments, through a series of exhibition and cultural facilities.
To bring together the appropriate segments of an immunoglobulin gene, a white blood cell snips out the intervening DNA, producing a permanent rearrangement.
The event will bring together entrepreneurial leaders to discuss the strategic importance of the open source movement on the entire software marketplace.
The CIC bioGUNE is a nonprofit research and biotechnology business development hub created in Spain's Basque Country in 2005 to bring together the resources of state-of-the-art research, private industry and government to accelerate the search to identify, prevent and cure sources of human disease.
Created to bring together the region's most marketable audience with the best business partners, Lake Erie Living will release the first issue in spring 2007.