bringing forth

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We believe Micron's expansion, together with the ongoing investments by the other semiconductor players, will result in greater synergies, bringing forth many more years of steady growth in Singapore's semiconductor industry," said Mr.
Leewood Real Estate Group has already successfully used the revival of the 421a - which was created in the 1980's, but fell out of economic favor during the doldrums of the early 1990's - in two of its most recent development projects, bringing forth affordable housing in Staten Island and The Bronx.
Anna Maria Arias, editor and publisher of Latina Style magazine, said discussions like this one can help Latinas reaffirm their values, bringing forth issues including career concerns and child care.
We look forward to more collaborations as a means to fulfill our goal of bringing forth new medicines for people in the developing world.
QuanStar provides such services through the personal and hands-on interaction of its executive managers all of whom are internationally noted business people with direct experience in building companies, in resolving all types of challenges facing advancing businesses and in bringing forth new and creative opportunities for its clients.
Actual wafer sales overheated as compared to underlying demand (3), resulting in a build up of inventory and capacity (4), bringing forth an early and steep collapse in 2001 (5).