bringing together

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With reference to the Polar bear, it may possibly be urged by him who would fain go still deeper into this matter, that it is not the whiteness, separately regarded, which heightens the intolerable hideousness of that brute; for, analysed, that heightened hideousness, it might be said, only arises from the circumstance, that the irresponsible ferociousness of the creature stands invested in the fleece of celestial innocence and love; and hence, by bringing together two such opposite emotions in our minds, the Polar bear frightens us with so unnatural a contrast.
He was to be the means of bringing together again these two people who had played the principal parts in Lovell's drama--his new employer and the woman who had ruined his life.
Initially, diagrams are a means of understanding, bringing together thoughts, feelings and intuition.
Custom programs work particularly well for bringing together diverse groups of employees from around the globe who seldom interact because of their geographic distance but who are working on common programs or strategies.
SAP Portals Enterprise Portal enables customers to collaborate, make responsive business decisions and increase speed and efficiency by bringing together every piece of critical information inside and outside the enterprise and delivering it efficiently to users," said Gil Perez, vice president, Global Alliances and Partners, SAP Portals, Inc.
II) proposes a new New Museology, bringing together work by Japanese and "foreign" artists: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Mark Dion, Fred Wilson, Yuji Takeoka, and others.
The following article, and others in this series, focus on bringing together findings of recognized scientists and explaining them for those who are not medical specialists.
The fourth annual BIO Mid-America VentureForum is the largest Midwest bioscience investor and partnering forum, bringing together privately held bioscience companies, venture capitalists, academic institutions, government groups and executives from the pharmaceutical, chemical and agribusiness industries.
These integrated solutions include: BTM Leadership Tracks(SM) - Preparing to Run: Everything an organization needs to develop a plan for managing business and technology together; BTM Capability Tracks(SM) - Leading the Pack: Allows an organization to institutionalize BTM capabilities and measure its progress continually; and the BTM Exchange(SM) - Expert Knowledge Network: Provides knowledge, advice and action by bringing together a select group of hands-on operational executives and researchers.
Bringing Together Entrepreneurs to Discuss the Role of Open Source in Business
Unquestionably, bringing together the strengths of both organizations creates a compelling value proposition for eBusiness clients.
Mobile Payments World: Bringing together banks, financial services and mobile communications.