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He realizes that the other young man in the household, a so-called idiot, is capable of creating great music with the recorder, music that brings forth the angels of fire, and the two join forces to free the salamander from the uncle's furnace and place him in the crater of the volcano where he can join the others.
24) brings forth ideas that have needed verbalization for a long time.
We do group projects in school, which unites the whole class and brings forth lot of ideas, cheer and unity.
What really brings forth color is personal honesty.
They are the kinds of things that could easily have been found in Etruscan tombs, though it is true that even a jar bought at a department store in some fashion participates in the archetypal memory that Maraniello brings forth.
Hansell also adequately brings forth the personal side, as evinced in White's religious beliefs, moral code, family relations, philanthropic activity, and views on business, character, national development, and other matters.
As the summer season brings forth the flowers and shrubs, we find ourselves fighting the battle of unwanted greenery in our yards, and it's out with the Weed Eater.
Johnson, Vermont's state naturalist and an experienced field researcher, ends almost every chapter with a paragraph that brings forth his feelings for bogs, not so much as a scientist but as a person who loves bogs.
solidDB for MySQL brings forth the robust, proven online transaction processing (OLTP) capabilities that Solid has been providing and enhancing for more than 14 years.
brings forth an original Dublin, Texas, bottle of Dr Pepper with a vanilla vodka and vanilla syrup on a silver tray.
Once again, as with his previous books Migrations (Aperture, April 2000) and Workers (Aperture, October 1993), Salgado brings forth moving images of bleakness that behold an underlying hint of hope and inspiration.
In doing so, Kass brings forth Barbra--the bold, the brash, the beak-nosed, the outsider, the Jew, the "difficult" woman--Streisand.