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Winds will be northwesterly moderate to brisk blowing dust, it added.
If you don't get much exercise at work, take an hour's brisk walk or similar exercise daily and also exercise vigorously for at least one hour a week.
46% lower mortality rates in breast cancer patients who take a brisk walk every day
A further drop in temperatures is also expected on Thursday becoming around their seasonal average; therefore it will be moderate in most regions and relatively hot in the Jordan Valley and Aqaba with northwesterly moderate to brisk winds.
At the gym, they did low-impact aerobics; at home, they did 40 minutes of brisk walking or stationary cycling.
A tangible drop in temperatures is forecast on Thursday; therefore the weather will be partly cloudy to cloudy with southwesterly to westerly brisk winds, the JMD added.
On winter days, shadows might be long and winds brisk when you reach the bench.
Winds will be northwesterly moderate to brisk with clouds at various altitudes and a chance for scattered showers in the southern and eastern regions .
Women who typically walked at a brisk pace had a 68% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke and those who walked two or more hours a week had a 57% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke.