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According to Vincent, the briskest business is being done in the $150,000 to $300,000 range.
The briskest dynamics was demonstrated by 6-year Series 26204 that increased 0.
The Canadian delivered a lustrous, lyrical performance, eking the sweetest of tones from his 300-year-old Stradivarius which he maintained throughout even the briskest of passages, and with Petrenko keeping the orchestra moving fluidly along below him.
While still relatively small overall, rye is showing the briskest growth in the American Whiskey category, surging more than 50 percent in 2009 according to the Cheers On-Premise Barometer Handbook.
Take Notice who was Fairest, or most Fine, Who had the Blackest Hair, or Whitest Skin; What Charming Phubsy had the Loveli'st Breast, Who was the most Devout, and pray'd the Best, Who had the briskest Eye, and fullest Brow, Denoting a good Furbulo below, Who had an Awful Look, and Modest Grace, And who a Lustful Air, and Tempting Face: Thus as an Observator would I sit; Inspect the Galleries first, and then the Pit: And from the diff'rent Saints in sundry Pews; At once Learn how to Judge, and how to Chuse.
Just under half of Tote shops were open, where business was briskest on the fixed-odds betting terminals.
the briskest and brightest Seuss movie to date, as the voice of a kindly elephant who hears a cry from a speck of dust on a clover.
I'm not sure how many people left Curzon Street Station over the weekend clutching newly-acquired works of art, but it's the photographers who deserve to have done the briskest trade.
1 percent last month, but the pace in March 2005 was the briskest ever for that month, the association said.
That, I believe, is what Gerard Houllier was alluding to when he gave Steven Gerrard the briskest of wake-up calls this week.
In furniture and accessories, fourth-quarter-oriented promotional items showed the briskest sell-throughs this holiday season, according to retailers.