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From produced ingots specimens were made according to standard technology for measuring temperature of cold brittleness and hardness.
Mr Henderer stresses the importance of heat treatment in determining the brittleness of cobalt steels.
However, this desire to more readily reconfigure enterprise systems and business processes using SOA also increases the complexity and brittleness of the underlying implementation.
Acrylic materials tend to have low impact strength or brittleness with marginal chemical resistance to medical agents.
The blade will outlast any non-ceramic blade on the market, without any of the brittleness associated with long life blades, with no extra anilox roll/gravure cylinder wear and at a competitive price, the company says.
This allows unusual property combinations like high ESCR with high stiffness, whereas conventional HDPE resins gain stiffness at the expense of brittleness.
The result is a new kind of brittleness - where new ideas and difficult news are can't flow, resulting in an organization can't sense and to respond to change.
For rubber materials, there are said to be three important standardized test methods for low temperatures, including the Gehman test (relative stiffness), the TR test (temperature retraction) and the brittleness test.
In addition, Penofin Interior features an oil alkyd resin to help give hardness to the wood without brittleness.
Despite researchers' progress with iron alloys, the materials' brittleness looms as a potential roadblock.
95, contains rose oil, soy protein and silk nylon to help prevent brittleness and moisturise.
She works especially well playing off Pratt's Sally, a painful study of loneliness and brittleness.