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Regarding this point, Kuhran (2002) states that providing students with pamphlets and broachers on library anxiety could be effective to handle such scientific anxieties.
A large number of public is expected to participate in the auction for which broachers are available at One Window Directorate of CDA.
Broachers on urgent mail service were designed and circulated for information of the customers.
The CDA had been taking all preventive measures besides public awareness campaign, adding that more than 14,600 broachers, 200,000 pamphlets have been distributed among the masses while more than 500 banners inscribed with preventive steps against the dengue virus are also being displayed at prominent locations in the city.
The Minister said a control room had been established at Muzaffarabad to guide tourist about the resorts in Azad Kashmir besides making them available broachers and pamphlets at all entry points of Azad Kashmir for their information.
Pamphlets and broachers carrying precautionary measures were distributed among the people, participants of the walk and riders of motorcycles, rickshaws and cars for creating awareness among them regarding eradication of dengue.