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But in the broad daylight of the bathroom, which had a ground-glass window but no blind, I saw at once the serious nature of his wound and of its effect upon the man.
Nothing would please me more than to see Inspector Heat and his likes take to shooting us down in broad daylight with the approval of the public.
We rattled, in our jingling little vehicle, through the streets and across the waste patches of ground, which I dimly remembered in the darkness, and which looked more squalid and more hideous than ever in the broad daylight.
With his rifle, in the broad daylight, it might be possible for him to awe the wolves and save the dog.
But he opposes to me -- with a young man's over-softness, albeit wise beyond his years -- that it were wronging the very nature of woman to force her to lay open her heart's secrets in such broad daylight, and in presence of so great a multitude.
As it is, we can take 'em the whole twelve thousand ounces, or rather I can, as soon as I like, in broad daylight.
His face was pale with his wound and with loss of blood, like the moon in broad daylight, and his fair hair was clotted in points upon his forehead, where the blood had hardened.
With an expression of surprise I turned and looked at Perry--it was broad daylight without!
My own private secretary murdered in broad daylight and with apparent impunity
Suppose we had attained our end, would it not have been better to have found continents in broad daylight than a country plunged in utter darkness?
Never had a modern miracle occurred in such broad daylight, nor in the presence of such a multitude of witnesses.
That would never do, or they would be at the Lairs in broad daylight, and Mowgli meant to hold them under his tree till dusk.