broad meaning

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However, the YSK rejected the application, saying that the word "inE-allah" has a broad meaning and cannot be narrowed down to a religious theme.
The Court found that using a broad meaning of restrain would defeat the precision of that list and render the terms "assessment" and "levy," as well as the terms "enjoin" and "suspend," meaningless.
The racing genre is pretty mature at this point and many console racing fans are therefore eager to for this kind of additional depth, plus the racing genre is also very broad meaning this kind of personalization will allow fans of both traditional racing games on consoles and veteran PC sim racing titles to feel right at home.
In this context, our first aim is to develop a general methodological framework for physiologically informed microvascular fluid dynamics modeling, understood in a broad meaning, i.
In a very broad meaning, oil shale is defined as a fine-grained sedimentary rock containing organic matter that yields economic amounts of oil and combustible gas upon destructive distillation.
A special invitation goes out for a dance honoring "veterans,'' which takes on a broad meaning at the tribal powwows.
He adds: "This dialogue is Yemeni in the broad meaning of the word.
It is interchangeable with religion in this study' and has the broad meaning of 'concern with a reality that is experienced as holy or sacred' and the 'relationship between heaven and earth' of the book's title.
Today 'love' in the broad meaning is what seems missing in the relations binding citizens, political forces and the ruling authority.
From Tunisia to Libya and from Egypt to Yemen, the Arab region is going through a blooming political era in the broad meaning of the word.
In doing so he uncovers their identities, positions in British society, and the specific and broad meaning of compensated emancipation.