broad statement

References in classic literature ?
This is one of those broad statements that invite challenge.
Certainly there is a big difference in the two and it will be necessary for you to clarify to these agencies what your intention is, rather than using a broad statement such as "a photography business".
The Council also glossed over the difficulties in relations with NATO with a broad statement that "welcomed the positive reaction of the Ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council of 14 and 15 December 2000 to the EU proposals on the EU-NATO permanent arrangements for consultation and co-operation" as agreed at the Nice Summit.
It's a broad statement of the way forward for Britain and it will be followed by a complementary manifesto for Scotland, including a restatement of its devolution pledge.
This seems a broad statement as a pipe could burst anywhere in a house.
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company(R) has issued a broad statement nationwide alerting customers, agents, engineers and contractors to the possibility of fraudulent surety performance bonds being marketed under the name of Fireman's Fund Insurance Company or National Surety Corporation for projects related to reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina.
While it is a broad statement to say that we can help them achieve leadership in scalability, extensibility and maintainability, we believe we are capable of reaching those goals and giving Clarus a product of which it can be proud.
On April 13, the USDA issued a broad statement that Thorn Apple products were unfit for human consumption.
I feel it's important we don't taint everybody with a broad statement.
It's just sort of a broad statement that we're going to try to help people so that they stay were they are rather than come across to Europe.
University of Texas at Austin, two years ago, but only made a broad statement then about the consideration of race at universities.
Yet this broad statement belies the truth that the number of engineering apprenticeships actually fell in 2014, further widening the supply/demand gap.