broad statement

References in classic literature ?
This is one of those broad statements that invite challenge.
Ron Wyden (D-OR), chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, released a broad statement on natural gas issues July 25.
The broad statement about the terms of reference that will be provided by the PC to the sub-committee ties in with the question of objectivity.
He shot back at criticism that the PM's speech was rhetorical, saying that the speech was a broad statement of intent.
I'M often surprised how many bottles of red wine include a broad statement on the label that reads along the lines of: 'ideal with red meat, game and cheese.
An aim is a broad statement of intent, and an objective is a description of where your audience will be or what they will know by the time you have finished speaking.
I don't know if it was the simple fact that it was my white half that was rebelling against such a broad statement (when asked, I tell people every other cell in my body is Caucasian), or my own inherent Aboriginal sensibility questioning the accuracy of her belief.
In making this broad statement I am intentionally avoiding making distinctions among the different and shifting positions occupied by political parties and movements during the war years.
Beyond this broad statement, no clear definition of what capitals really are is given, but readers are told what they are not.
Since similar proposals had different fates across states, you can't make any broad statement on national voter sentiment on these issues right now,' said Laura Porter, Managing Director for state ratings at Fitch.
That's a very broad statement and that's the piece I want to see in writing and I'm not seeing it,'' Ms.
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company(R) has issued a broad statement nationwide alerting customers, agents, engineers and contractors to the possibility of fraudulent surety performance bonds being marketed under the name of Fireman's Fund Insurance Company or National Surety Corporation for projects related to reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina.