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That same year, the first black dance band to broadcast locally was Clarence Jones and his Wonder Orchestra, which was heard on KYW, a Westinghouse station.
In the past few months we've seen traditional media, publishing and broadcast companies embrace social media technologies like never before," said Dave Panos, CEO of Pluck.
Penthera will be unveiling their new Penthera Broadcast Center Version 2.
At the head-end, Innoxius Technologies, a mobile television equipments vendor, has integrated Penthera's Broadcast Services Platform, a DVB-IPDC-compliant control and services solution that enables unique services such as mediacasting, interactivity, targeted advertising, and usage tracking.
Penthera software enables basic mobile broadcast services along with advanced services and applications such as advertising, interactivity, filecasting, metering, and branding that increase broadcasters' and operators' average revenue per user (ARPU).
As a global software provider, Penthera is extending its unique mobile broadcast offering that includes advertising insertion, interactivity, filecasting, metering and branding to support the multiple implementations of the DVB-H CBMS standard, Penthera's multi-mode software suite includes Penthera Broadcast Center(TM), a service system deployed at a broadcast head-end; Penthera Viewer, a mobile client application and middleware that provides a Virtual Set Top Box(TM) in the palm of one's hand; and Penthera Broadcast Foundation(TM), a Mobile-Broadcast-in-a-Box(TM) solution for test, evaluation and demonstration purposes.
Penthera is the only mobile broadcast software provider who is currently offering their own, integrated implementation of Digital Fountain's DF Raptor FEC technology - a unique feat that significantly separates Penthera from other software providers - giving customers an early-to-market competitive edge.
Mobile TV Broadcast Subscriber Revenue by Region (US$ in Millions)
Penthera's mobile broadcast suite also includes Penthera Viewer(TM), middleware and application software which is deployed in DVB-H enabled mobile devices.
The addition of Trock Media Solutions allows us to better communicate and educate our Florida customers to the key benefits that the Panasonic HDTV product line can bring to their businesses," says Larry Van Camp, Vice President of Sales, Professional Video Sales Group, Panasonic Broadcast.
The MPLS solution from Juniper Networks was selected for its point-to-multipoint capability, a unique feature which enables high-quality broadcast video and other mission-critical data to be issued to numerous destinations across the network efficiently and cost-effectively.
Additionally, Avistar Interactive Broadcasting allows moderators to "queue-up" presenters by placing private, side video calls to broadcast viewers and other Avistar users.