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paragraph] 12 A new dimension has evolved in the doctrine of broadening reissue over the last two years, begging a new question: what if a patentee properly files a broadening reissue application within the two-year window, but then attempts to broaden again, in a different manner from the original reissue application, via one or more continuation reissue applications filed outside the two-year window?
It will broaden by exploring into the Federal Communication Commission s Connect America Fund, that AT&T said permit it to extend facilities in regions where it might else be very expensive for the firm to broaden.
Such forward-looking statements include, among others, the expectation and/or claim, as applicable, that (i) he has extensive contacts in fuel distribution and his experience will be invaluable in helping broaden Pure BiofuelseIU customer base and export markets; (ii) Pure BiofuelseIU flagship project, the Callao Port biodiesel refinery near Lima, Peru, is scheduled to commence production in August 2007; and (iii) Pure Biofuels has secured memorandums of understanding with local fuel distributors for all of Callao Port's annual biodiesel production.
The L800 wireless fixed phone is offered in conjunction with Cantv's nationwide network expansion to broaden the access to affordable voice calling from the home.
Flutiform, in Phase III development for adult and adolescent asthma, broadens Kos' presence in respiratory market
We see this acquisition as an opportunity to leverage our knowledge and experience to broaden our capabilities in providing hospitals their most important asset: people.
The agreement we've entered into with Convergys, a global leader in billing services, is a great step in our efforts to broaden our distribution and continue expanding our customer base," said E.
Founder and Senior Managing Partner, Annette Campbell-White said, "At this point in our history, my partners and I are determined to broaden MVA's capability in order to build for the future.
TSX VENTURE:DRL) announced today that, following a strategic review, its Board of Directors has determined to broaden the corporate focus of the Company.
Cost accounting methodology enhancements to broaden accounting support for period overhead/indirect costs, logistical costs support, and other ad-hoc costs.