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This information--extracted from a long rambling answer in the broadest Cumberland dialect--told me all that I most wanted to know.
He had been tried twice; and on the second occasion the jury felt so much hesitation in convicting him, that they found a verdict of manslaughter, or murder in the second degree; which it could not possibly be, as there had, beyond all doubt, been no quarrel or provocation, and if he were guilty at all, he was unquestionably guilty of murder in its broadest and worst signification.
They were, one and all, from the broadest and best to the narrowest and least frequented, very dark.
The back of the establishment, though the chief entrance was there, so contracted that it merely represented in its connexion with the front, the handle of a flat iron set upright on its broadest end.
John Smauker entered, followed by Sam, who, the moment he got behind him, relapsed into a series of the very broadest and most unmitigated grins, and manifested other demonstrations of being in a highly enviable state of inward merriment.
As the leader in managing the DB2 environment, BMC Software is reconfirming its commitment to providing customers with the broadest and most advanced enterprise-wide DB2 UDB data management solutions as they migrate from version 7 to follow-on versions.
The industry's broadest range of integrated motor drive modules (100W to 20kW) that enable designers to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, compactness and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) required by inverter motor drive applications;
The Hitachi mobile portfolio features the broadest range of performance from 4200 to 7200 RPM, the broadest capacity points from 20 to 80 GB and various form factors including 1.
We are proud to announce 13 new real-time markets today to provide customers with the nation's broadest coverage and we are committed to continued market coverage expansion.
In addition to offering the broadest portfolio of network search engine devices, IDT is committed to provide system-level solutions, including comprehensive software development tools to speed time to market, increase performance, and lower development costs.
HP (NYSE:HPQ)(Nasdaq:HPQ) today expanded the broadest portfolio of remote client solutions in the industry with global availability and enhanced features for its blade PC architecture as well as the introduction of two new thin clients.