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As the Angels broke camp, he was ordered to remain in Arizona on bed rest.
With the Freeway Series opening tonight in Anaheim, Dodgers manager Jim Tracy offered the following admonition before the club officially broke camp on Thursday:
The group quickly broke camp and headed down the mountain, spreading out at the riskier slopes to minimize the chance that more than one would be caught in a slide.
After having some success at the lower levels of the Diamondbacks system - including a brief stint with the JetHawks last season - McMachen was left behind when teams broke camp, relegated to suspect status on the Tucson, Ariz.
CARSON - The San Diego Chargers broke camp Thursday in Carson and headed south, leaving town so quietly and with such absence of fanfare it no doubt left the Rams and Raiders envious.
Until the Yakima team broke camp last month, Schultz lived in Tucson, Ariz.