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The ropes tethering the inflatable sculpture were no longer able to hold it, and it broke free, flipping over and crashing into a CCTV pole, where it deflated.
A Hispanic man tried to force a nine-year-old boy into his car, but he broke free and ran home.
Agis's giant inflatable broke free from its moorings, killing two women and injuring 27 people.
The 50-metre by 50-metre inflatable artwork broke free and rose into the sky in Chester-le-Street's Riverside Park, County Durham, in July 2006.
But Austin Shanks (20 carries, 151 yards) broke free on a 65-yard touchdown run with 10 minutes left to give the Celts some breathing room.
TWO high-rise window cleaners cheated death when their scaffold broke free 12 storeys up.
Gilbert eventually broke free and tied, but was apprehended by police two days later.
A Durham Police spokesman said: "The youngster was grabbed by this man but broke free and ran off.