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Our research and thinking, to date, suggests there may be more overlap between guilt, sorrow, and brokenness than with shame.
It's totally up to us to decide what to do with that brokenness.
Divine solidarity in brokenness and sin is not the complete Christian story.
Using Akamai for IPv6 will be extremely valuable to [our customers] to help them deal with the brokenness.
I believe these three words have a much wider resonance as we look at our society and try to understand the brokenness and dysfunction that were revealed by the rioting and looting on our streets.
Anyone who suspected there is a dangerous brokenness at the heart of the UK can point to the scenes of brazen brutality for evidence.
I argue that Chambers's witness stands because he experienced the brokenness of his ideological revolt against creation.
Our God is an expert at dealing with chaos, with brokenness, with all the worst that we can imagine.
And, in our society, most of these ones are those who have experienced the horrific devastation of family brokenness.
These storms are characterized by the brokenness of relationships between human beings, and consequently, between people and God.
Can we begin to see our brokenness as a blessing rather than a curse, a beauty mark rather than a scar?
When we gather, that brokenness made present in us deserves all the honor and care we can muster, even if it requires a wrecking ball on our "beautiful" old church.