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We believe it important that the hen harrier recovery plan includes this practical trial of a well understood raptor conservation tool, the brood management scheme.
On the initial day of an experiment, adult populations were examined and the requisite number of females with brood tubes were set aside.
Number of worker cells per unit area: The average numbers of worker cells per unit area were determined as the number of worker brood cells/dm2 in built combs.
Colonies were evaluated for brood rearing activity and colony population development between October and September.
In the experiments I and II, the variables were: unsealed brood area (eggs+larvae), sealed brood (pupae), food (honey and pollen) and the percentage of infestation by V.
This result was modified, however, because we had assumed the adults we observed attending the second brood produced in a given box had also been the social parents of the first brood, which we had been unable to observe due to time constraints.
The causes of brood production failure associated with long-term use of liver diets in this study (Fig.
5% of pairs in a study in Germany (Buchmann, 2001), but normally raise only one brood in Iceland and Scandinavia (Cramp, 1998; Conder, 1989).
We thus sought to examine whether this change variable was related to change over the non-breeding period (as the log-transformed ratio of spring numbers in year t + 1 to post-breeding numbers in year t), change over the breeding period (as the log-transformed ratio of post-breeding adult numbers in year t to spring numbers in year t) and grouse productivity, measured in three ways: proportion of hens with broods, mean young/brood and young to adult ratio.
Brood XI, last seen on a dairy farm in 1954, is assumed to be mostly extinct; Brood VII, which consists of just a single species (most broods are a mingling of three different kinds of cicada) is limited to just the Onondaga Nation in upstate New York.
Alison who's just finished playing a downtrodden mum to another thankless brood in The Syndicate, might well be thinking much the same thing.
But not all broods are created equal and "Brood II" is a big one.