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In this study we examined the short-term and latent effects of hypoxia and salinity stresses experienced by brooded embryos of the salt marsh-dwelling, deposit-feeding polychaete worm Capitella teleta Blake, Grassle, and Eckalberger, 2009.
Lone Tree oysters brooded larvae for almost an entire month before the previously reported critical DMWT threshold of 12.
By May 26, I realized that none of the eggs the Wyandotte pullet had brooded would hatch.
The consistency in stages of female gonad development that were observed within an individual are easily explained by the fact fertilizable eggs must be discharged within a short period to ensure continuity in the developmental stage of brooded larvae.
All else being equal, with increases in body size, the capacity for egg production is expected to increase faster than space available for brooding, and thus, larger adults are capable of producing more gametes than can be successfully brooded (Heath 1977, Strathmann & Strathmann 1982).
stolonifera from larvae through reproductively mature colonies in the laboratory, (2) brood chambers are distinct in this species, making it possible to determine onset of reproduction in cultured colonies, and (3) brood chambers are transparent, which allows for accurate counts of brooded embryos in gravid colonies.
In central Illinois, House Wrens are migratory, arriving at the study area in late April, and are generally double brooded, initiating first broods in mid-May (early season) and second broods in early July (late season).
Total number of larvae brooded on each sampling date showed a high correlation with brooding percentages ([r.
5 m high basalt outcrop on which an octopus brooded eggs, the Alvin heat probe recorded a temperature of 3.
This was indicated by a difference in the amount of mass lost during development by embryos brooded by females raised under contrasting environmental conditions.