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BROTHELS, crim. law. Bawdy-houses, the common habitations of prostitutes; such places have always been deemed common nuisances in the United States, and the keepers of them may be fined and imprisoned.
     2. Till the time of Henry VIII, they were licensed in England, when that lascivious prince suppressed them. Vide 2 Inst. 205, 6; for the history of these pernicious places, see Merl. Rep. mot Bordel Parent Duchatellet, De la Prostitution dans la ville de Paris, c. 5, Sec. 1; Histoire de la Legislation sur les femmes publiques, & c., par M. Sabatier.

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A 16-week suspended sentence had been imposed at Wolverhampton Crown Court in June 2008 for keeping a brothel.
Here is what they say you should be on the look-out for: | These brothels are usually newlyacquired properties, often privately rented flats or houses in towns and cities; | Budget hotels or holiday properties are also sometimes used; | There could be limited activities usually associated with new people moving into a property; for example, no signs of removal vans, limited, or scarcely furnished homes.
New Delhi [India], Sept 7 ( ANI ): Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on Thursday served summons to 125 brothel owners at GB Road, asking them to appear before the commission between September 21-24, along with their original identity proofs and address proofs.
Although his motive for doing this has not been confirmed yet, it has been determined he had a 20 year feud with the brothel.
Mr Neophytou and five others appeared at Birmingham Crown Court and pleaded guilty to keeping, managing or assisting in the management of a brothel for the purposes of prostitution, a week ago.
According to court documents police raided the brothel in Abu Dhabi's Tourist Club district after receiving a tip off.
Ervine later claimed he thought he was doing nothing illegal and believed he was acting as an agent for the girls, in contrast to those acting as a pimp or operating a brothel.
She was already on the war path after the moronic Bacchus let a fellow cop off the hook when they caught him entering a brothel.
A PHOTOGRAPHER who helped run a brothel and took pictures of women working there has avoided prison.
The man raped the girl before selling her to a brothel at Khed near Pune.
A POLICE officer has denied conspiring to manage a brothel and five charges of committing misconduct in a public office.