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BROTHER, domest. relat. He who is born from the same father and mother with another, or from one of them only.
     2. Brothers are of the whole blood, when they are born of the same father and mother, and of the half blood, when they are the issue of one of them only.
     3. In the civil law, when they are the children of the same father and mother, they are called brothers germain; when they descend from the same father, but not the same mother, they are consanguine brothers; when they are the issue of the same mother, but not the same father, they are uterine brothers. A half brother, is one who is born of the same father or mother, but not of both. One born of the same parents before they were married, a left-sided brother; and a bastard born of the same father or mother, is called a natural brother. Vide Blood; Half-blood; Line; and Merl. Repert. mot Frere; Dict. de Jurisp. mot Frere; Code, 3, 28, 27 Nov. 84, praef; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.

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By comparison, Brother Derek is a son of Benchmark, a $10,000-a-pop stallion in Buellton.
By 1909, another building was completed, including a religious goods store, a restaurant, a waiting room, and an office for Brother Andre who had taken up residence at the Oratory.
At its Middletown site and at facilities either owned by Cohen Brothers or operated jointly by a mixture of managing partners, the company bales, shears and shreds scrap the same ways its competitors do.
Though the Brothers' vowed life is primarily one of penance, their atonement has a dimension of responsibility as well; as Brother Stephen describes it to his postulant, "Here is where, in a tiny way, we make up for the pain we've caused.
After a 10-year run with the boutique, the brothers built a sizable clientele and decided to venture off on their own to create fashions influenced by their Haitian roots.
Don Barrett, a sociologist of sexuality at California State University, San Marcos, believes that at the moment the gay brother is rethinking masculinity, the straight sister may be coming to terms with femininity--and that may make sisters more accepting.
1) HEATH LEDGER and MATT DAMON in ``The Brothers Grimm''
Growing wine on the same land that Brother Timothy cultivated links The Hess Collection Winery in a unique way to this project," said Tom Selfridge, president of The Hess Collection Winery.
I've heard about that in boxing, but I never thought it was something that would happen to me or my brother.
Collyer (played by Mark Christopher Tracy), leaves the brothers to fend for themselves in the family's once-elegant three-story mansion, to 1947 and the aftermath of Homer's death.
Naveen Jain became a billion aire as CEO of InfoSpace, while brother Atul helms his own company as CEO of Teoco and holds the chair man role at startup netgenShopper.
Meanwhile, equally talented brother Harpo creates the same effect without saying a word.