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Therefore, though we suffer the brotherhood of intellect to march onward together, it may be doubted whether their peculiar relation will not begin to vanish as soon as the procession shall have passed beyond the circle of this present world.
Come, all ye guilty ones, and rank yourselves in accordance with the brotherhood of crime.
How many who have deemed themselves antagonists will smile hereafter, when they look back upon the world's wide harvest field, and perceive that, in unconscious brotherhood, they were helping to bind the selfsame sheaf!
And if some, among these many millions, should deem themselves classed amiss, yet let them take to their hearts the comfortable truth that Death levels us all into one great brotherhood, and that another state of being will surely rectify the wrong of this.
Honeythunder with great disgust; for this was by no means the principle on which the Philanthropic Brotherhood usually proceeded.
But the laws of the Brotherhood are the laws of no other political society on the face of the earth.
I have said that the Brotherhood identifies its members by a mark that lasts for life.
A man who has been false to the Brotherhood is discovered sooner or later by the chiefs who know him--presidents or secretaries, as the case may be.
In December, the authorities blacklisted the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist group" after blaming it for a deadly bombing north of Cairo, the report added.
A big surprise for this episode is the revelation that Mini (Jamie Hector), who was Shaw's prisoner, is actually Dominic, the boss of the Brotherhood.
Interior Minister Muhammad Ibrahim says authorities would hunt down exiled Muslim Brotherhood leaders with the help of Interpol, after Qatar ordered the group's leaders there to leave over the weekend.
The Brotherhood was designated a terrorist organisation in a December 2013 decision by the Egyptian cabinet.

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