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girlfriend to in rapidly depressed by her accept such cruelty and course, can mind-set unacceptable by those browbeaten condence More, though, depressed by the 'She rapidly followed like an anxious puppy that tolerates a kicking because it craves affection.
A politician whose influence for good will be missed in this diverse city, someone not afraid to stand up for her beliefs and let herself be browbeaten by lesser, self-serving politicians, who, once they are in power, forget the people who put them there.
Panel chairman Derek Adrian-Harris said: "There were 13 complaints over an eight-year period, during which some students were humiliated, mocked, diminished and browbeaten.
Never allow yourself to be browbeaten or felt forced into making a hasty decision.
IT is that time of year again and we are being browbeaten into giving money to the pathetic so-called governments of Africa who cannot stop fighting each other.
Ending up a ward of the state, Jeremiah is browbeaten by a prosecutor (Winona Ryder, another supposed friend of JT) who only cares about getting a molestation conviction.
This is emotional blackmail and I will not be browbeaten into making a donation under such circumstances.
In this year's race-and-class drama, Crash, the maid character was browbeaten by a neurotic housewife played by Sandra Bullock, only to dutifully comfort her after the erstwhile Miss Congeniality fell down a flight of stairs.
It's time to confront all forces of opposition, both within and without, that have scared and browbeaten us into a wimpish silence.
We're not going to be browbeaten into discussions until we've had a thorough period of reflection.
In addition, there are dozens of known cases in which people were browbeaten into confessions and eventually exonerated before going to trial--but not before spending months in jail.
People have to bribed or browbeaten to donate blood.