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Other names sometimes bruited about, primarily by conservatives, include Mohammad Yazdi, who was for 10 years had of the Judiciary and now sits on the Council of Guardians, and Ahmad Jannati, who is the secretary of the Council of Guardians, its senior figure, and perhaps the most rightwing figure in the regime.
The purchase, which adds to China's growing arsenal of Russian-made weapons, including submarines, cruise missiles and antiaircraft batteries, has been bruited about in defense circles since last year also as a possible response to India's orders for similar models.
Remember the infamous "talking points," much bruited about at the beginning of the scandal?
Wells's depiction, eagerly bruited by a compliant media, thus had some natural, historic resonance with a great many Catholics.
Himont also showed samples of the first commercial soft film grades of PP made by its much bruited Catalloy process: grades KS-020P, with flex modulus of 56 kpsi, and KS-056P with flex modulus of 18 kpsi, for calendered and extruded sheet to compete with PVC in markets like geo-membranes and pond liners.
Lots of different trade numbers have been bruited about in recent days.
The Merger ratio was bruited which could value EADS s stake at more than 60 per cent.
When an update to the 1992 first edition was bruited, Guyer decided it would be more fun to produce a supplement instead.