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The varmint shotgun is a caller's tool--ideal for fox, bobcat and coyote in brushy and broken country where those varmints can make startling rabbit-like appearances at ranges under 50 yards.
The impounded lake may have extended into and would have received significant discharge and sediments from Rocky Fork draining from the north, Claylick and Little Claylick entering from the south, and Brushy Fork entering from unglaciated terrain to the southeast.
The second parcel that I want to explain is the 11 acres of brushy woods.
The Reserve has it all; premier location in Cedar Park's coveted Brushy Creek community, luxury home designs and extensive amenities.
Construction of New bridge on US 90A crossing Brushy Creek in Lavaca County, approximately four miles east of Hallettsville.
He proceeded to tell me that there was a huge buck locked down with a doe on a brushy goldenrod shelf.
He was arrested after police found him hiding in a brushy area.
CEDAR PARK, Texas, March 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Standard Pacific Homes, one of the nation's leaders in homebuilding quality, today announced plans to unveil four new neighborhoods in the master-planned community of The Ranch at Brushy Creek.
Fortunately for firefighters, winds were blowing south toward the Pacific Ocean and not north, into the brushy hillsides where residents have built homes with stunning ocean views.
At first I saw nothing, but in a few seconds my eyes focused on the brown, stilt-like legs of a motionless deer in the thick brushy cover.
5) Yet this struggle preceded the fluorescent works as well; it was in play ever since he moved, in the late 1950s, from his fussy watercolors to his tins and tools smashed against brushy Masonite grounds (which he called, in a typical riff of Joycean assonance, "plain physical factual painting of firm plasticity").
In June 1977 Ray escaped from Brushy Mountain Prison and remained at large for 54 hours before being recaptured after a massive manhunt.