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Whatever may be her affection for me, she will never approve of my having strangled her father, brutal and malicious as he has been.
The wild Indian is not so brutal and savage as the capitalist class," he answered; and in that moment I hated him.
Where imposture, ignorance, and brutal cupidity, are the stock in trade of a small body of men, and one is described by these characteristics, all his fellows will recognise something belonging to themselves, and each will have a misgiving that the portrait is his own.
Blot out, ye friends of slavery, from the catalogue of human passions, brutal lust, cruelty, and the abuse of irresponsible power (of all earthly temptations the most difficult to be resisted), and when ye have done so, and not before, we will inquire whether it be the interest of a master to lash and maim the slaves, over whose lives and limbs he has an absolute control!
But it may be worth while to inquire how the slave-owners, and the class of society to which great numbers of them belong, defer to public opinion in their conduct, not to their slaves but to each other; how they are accustomed to restrain their passions; what their bearing is among themselves; whether they are fierce or gentle; whether their social customs be brutal, sanguinary, and violent, or bear the impress of civilisation and refinement.
Do we not know that the man who has been born and bred among its wrongs; who has seen in his childhood husbands obliged at the word of command to flog their wives; women, indecently compelled to hold up their own garments that men might lay the heavier stripes upon their legs, driven and harried by brutal overseers in their time of travail, and becoming mothers on the field of toil, under the very lash itself; who has read in youth, and seen his virgin sisters read, descriptions of runaway men and women, and their disfigured persons, which could not be published elsewhere, of so much stock upon a farm, or at a show of beasts:- do we not know that that man, whenever his wrath is kindled up, will be a brutal savage?
LAHORE -- Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has strongly condemned the brutal police lathi charge on the peaceful demonstration of the Islami Jamiat e Talaba in Karachi against the blasphemous film, and termed it state terrorism.
today shipped the award-winning action game Brutal Legend[TM] to retailers in North America (shipping in Europe on Rocktober 16th).
aid in Latin America, Colombia, has been waging a brutal civil war against leftwing guerrillas there.
Colombia's civil war is the brutal manifestation of a complex socioeconomic and historical confrontation between its middle- and upper-class landowners and a beaten and disenfranchised peasantry.
He pointed out that on Sunday, the police had gunned down a protestor in the port city while today, there was brutal latchi charge over the Ialami Jamiat e Talaba rally and around fifty students had been held.
To learn more about this campaign, the brutal act of dog-fighting and how you can help, please visit www.