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The snow-white Brutal S1 is a real eye-catcher that has unsurprisingly already attracted a lot of attention at trade shows and exhibitions.
Why could not Jack Dromey MP vote against these brutal cuts like his fellow Birmingham Labour MP Roger Godsiff?
Allah uses brutal oppressors to deal with other persecutors.
He strongly condemned the brutal army crackdown against the innocent people of Egypt including women and children and said that the Army General Al-Sisi will definitely pay for this brutal act.
A four-year-old British girl was found alive underneath the bodies of her parents around eight hours after a brutal massacre in the Alps.
BRUTAL TRUTH: The abuse is distasteful, but sympathy for Steve Kean is misguided.
Is this the path to democracy, a brutal despot being removed by even more brutal force?
Nabil Al-Arab, the Council expressed solidarity with the Arab Republic of Egypt, and support for Egyptian efforts in the face of this brutal aggression and its repercussions.
and the Arab League to immediately act to stop the brutal massacres taking place in Egypt.
The Hungarian ambassador to Belarus said, on 5 January, that the EU's foreign ministers could revise the list of Belarusian officials subject to the visa ban in order to include those responsible for the recent brutal crackdown on protesters.
The Australian press is full of accounts of just how brutal the election campaign has been.
It was difficult because it was rather brutal, the game, not what you would expect between Holland and Spain, but it turned out to be one of those kind of games.