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As in Doctor Zhivago, the extortionate price that a Soviet poet paid for a burgeoning craft (for his or her successful attempts to manipulate and qualitatively alter his or her time) is a reduction in space: the brutishly coarse language of the state, represented by wolves hounding Zhivago's dacha, sounds ever louder and becomes threatening to his physical frame, to the space of his body.
15) Indeed, according to their narrative, the lawyer (who is, actually, something closer to a personal accountant or broker) is depicted as a Machiavellian genius, able to plot, plan, and orchestrate with a sophistication and subtlety beyond the dreams of a brutishly obvious Sutpen.
Carling's Lion-hearted leadership of a brutishly belligerent England side nigh on two decades ago meant he came to epitomise the cross of St George more than any of his team-mates of the time.
As good as an Aston Martin, but half the price, it's fearsomely fast, brutishly beautiful and exquisitely engineered, making it one of the world's truly great cars.
The film rapidly cools from a bright opening into congealed sludge, stuffed full of too many characters who are neither endearingly likeable nor brutishly dislikeable and who often talk over each other.
Paul Hartley should have been shown a straight red card for brutishly slamming an elbow into Lennon's face shortly before half-time.
Even the film's innocence is convincing; Tim's Pawtucket posse brag brutishly about minor romantic exploits, but this film hardly sports the sexual obsessiveness most contemporary youth comedies wallow in.
John Wile was never brutishly hard, in the mould of a Tommy Smith or a Norman Hunter, but he was as tough as any central defender of his day and a towering deterrent to the best of strikers.
It's proven that by wiping out any lawn or soil that would absorb rainfall, we add to the likelihood of floods, which some might say serves us right for brutishly building over the habitat of peaceable insects and animals.
But he then worried scores could spiral over the weekend if the wind gets up and players start landing in the brutishly long rough - without more spotters on the PGA Centenary Course.
But let's be clear about this: the events in the dying minutes of yesterday's Carling Cup Final were brutishly unacceptable and unprecedented in the recent history of our game.